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$ ionic cordova emulate

Emulate an Ionic project on a simulator or emulator


$ ionic cordova emulate [<platform>]


Like running cordova emulate directly, but also watches for changes in web assets and provides live-reload functionality with the --livereload option.

For Android and iOS, you can setup Remote Debugging on your emulator with browser development tools:

Just like with ionic cordova build, you can pass additional options to the Cordova CLI using the separator.

Input Description
platform The platform to emulate: ios, android
Option Description
--list List all available Cordova targets
--livereload, -l Spin up server to live-reload www files
--consolelogs, -c Print out console logs to terminal
--serverlogs, -s Print out dev server logs to terminal
--address Use specific address for dev/live-reload server
--port, -p Use specific port for the dev server
--livereload-port, -r Use specific port for live-reload server
--prod Mark as a production build
--aot Perform ahead-of-time compilation for this build
--minifyjs Minify JS for this build
--minifycss Minify CSS for this build
--optimizejs Perform JS optimizations for this build
--debug Mark as a debug build
--release Mark as a release build
--device Deploy Cordova build to a device
--emulator Deploy Cordova build to an emulator
--target Deploy Cordova build to a device (use --list to see all)
--buildConfig Use the specified Cordova build configuration


$ ionic cordova emulate 
$ ionic cordova emulate ios
$ ionic cordova emulate ios -lcs
$ ionic cordova emulate android -lcs --address localhost
$ ionic cordova emulate android -lcs -- -d