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$ ionic serve

Start a local dev server for app dev/testing


$ ionic serve 


Easily spin up a development server which launches in your browser. It watches for changes in your source files and automatically reloads with the updated build.

Try the --lab option to see multiple platforms at once.

Option Description
--consolelogs, -c Print app console logs to Ionic CLI
--serverlogs, -s Print dev server logs to Ionic CLI
--port, -p Dev server HTTP port
--livereload-port, -r Live Reload port
--nobrowser, -b Disable launching a browser
--nolivereload, -d Do not start live reload
--noproxy, -x Do not add proxies
--address Network address for server
--browser, -w Specifies the browser to use (safari, firefox, chrome)
--browseroption, -o Specifies a path to open to (/#/tab/dash)
--lab, -l Test your apps on multiple platform types in the browser
--platform, -t Start serve with a specific platform (ios/android)


$ ionic serve -lcs
$ ionic serve --lab -lcs