Getting started

Ionic provides a platform for you to upload your apps to as well as providing other services.

First, you’ll need to get started with an account.

Getting an account

Head over to our Ionic Cloud signup page to get signed up. Currently, this is in beta, and you may be accepted to join the beta testing.

Uploading your Ionic App

Using the Ionic CLI, change directories to your Ionic app’s directory and run the following command:

ionic upload

You will be prompted for your username and password (the one you received when you signed up). Once this is done, your app will be uploaded to us.

Once this is one properly, you will receive output like the following:

Uploading App...
App Uploaded (5858xk4)

Once this message is shown, your app has been uploaded. You shall now see that ID (5858xk4) in your portal page, as well as your ionic.project file.

Viewing your Ionic App

First, install the ‘Ionic View’ app from the App Store.

Log in with your credentials. Once logged in, you should see the app you uploaded previously (with an ID of 5858xk4)

Having others view your Ionic app

Have the ones you want to view your app sign up for the Ionic beta. Then, have them download the Ionic View app. If you grant their account permission to your app, they can then select the app and run it just as if they had installed it.