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Continuous Mobile DevOps.

Move even faster with cloud native builds, live app deploys, and CI/CD automation for Ionic, Capacitor, and Cordova app delivery.

Support for Ionic Capacitor and Cordova

Ship at the speed of development.

Spend more time on what matters. Appflow takes care of the rest, with a suite of powerful mobile DevOps tools and services for every type of app.

  • Ship stable apps, faster

    Deliver a better mobile experience for your users by sending updates directly to them in real-time, without waiting for app store or MDM approval.

  • Deliver continuously

    Automate app delivery, without being a DevOps expert. Our preconfigured, customizable best practices automate your delivery pipeline in minutes.

  • Empower the entire team

    Leverage automation to help your team move faster and iterate quickly to deploy features and fixes at the speed of development.

Appflow enables development teams at

Now available

Publish to app stores. From a single click.

Deploy directly to the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, directly from your cloud dashboard.

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Deploy live, hot code updates.

Ship live app updates, content changes, A/B tests, bug fixes, and more—before or after your app is in the store. No lines, no waiting, no slowdowns.

Compile all your native builds. All in one place.

Create native app binaries in the cloud to get from code to app store with no platform dependencies or complicated build steps.

Web Assets Native Build Native Binaries

Automate your entire workflow.

Fully automate your delivery pipeline—from native binary builds to QA—in minutes using our preconfigured, smart defaults and powerful workflows, with customizability to fit your team’s unique needs.

Push code

Push code

Push code

Trigger Android build

Trigger iOS build

Trigger Web build

Deploy to TestFlight

Deploy to Google Play

Trigger webhook

Appflow features

With Appflow, you can fully automate your team’s app development workflow, and go from idea to production.

  • App dashboard

    View and manage all of your Ionic apps in a central, shared dashboard with live activity feeds to see how your development projects are progressing.

  • Configurable

    Get up and running in minutes with industry-based defaults and pre-built workflows to enable full automation of your delivery pipeline with additional customization capabilities every step of the way.

  • Clean builds

    Simplify your team’s build process and eliminate local dependencies for native iOS and Android binaries with a stable, consistantly shared cloud-based environment.

  • Mobile CI/CD

    Automate every phase of your app delivery pipeline to deliver continuous integration and delivery. Initiate multiple concurrent builds automatically without any manual assistance.

  • Git integrations

    Connect Appflow to your existing git repository with pre-built integrations for GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, and more.

  • Connected services

    Connect with any third-party app using webhooks. Get Slack notifications when a build is ready, send the latest app version to AWS Device Farm, automate app store submission processes, and more.

  • Live app updating

    Immediately push new features and code changes live, directly to end-user devices—without being dependent on app store approvals or internal MDM restrictions.

  • App store deploys

    Publish directly to the app stores without all of the hassle and time lost. Just enter a few basic inputs, and we take care of the rest.

Appflow is a fully integrated mobile DevOps solution, and part of the Ionic Development Platform.

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