We’re testing a new, visual way to start Ionic apps.

After updating to Ionic CLI 2.2.1 (released today), run ionic start without any arguments and you’ll greeted by a web-based wizard tool that guides you through creating your app, optionally creating an Ionic ID to use Ionic View and other services, and then launches your app:

Screenshot 2017-01-12 10.54.55

It’s not a replacement for the CLI nor does it change the way the current ionic start command works. Instead, it’s a visual way to get your app going more quickly if you prefer that. As we add more starter templates and features, cramming all the things we want to do into a CLI command starts to become very challenging and a bit dull.

This is a new feature so we’re hoping to have some brave souls test it out before we market it to the broader community. To test, update to the new Ionic CLI and run ionic start (again, no arguments!).

Please leave a comment below on how it works for you.

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