Today, Ionic and the Angular team at Google have partnered up to bring you the Angular Cardboard Hack-a-thon. For the next two months, we are challenging the Ionic, Angular, and broader VR community to build a great Cardboard app with Ionic and Angular for the chance to win a free ticket to next year’s ngConf in SLC!

Entering the contest is easy, just visit and sign up. Developers have until December 31st, 2015 to submit their entry.

To make it easy to get up and running with Ionic, Three.js, and WebGL for a great VR experience, we’ve created an Ionic Cardboard Starter. To use it, create a new project with the Ionic CLI by running ionic start myCardboardApp cardboard

From all of us, we wish you luck and look forward to what you come up with. Make sure to read the full details at the Angular Cardboard Hack-a-thon site.

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