Today, we’re excited to announce the soft release of Ionic 1.3! This release comes with many bug fixes and several PRs submitted by the Ionic community. Take a look at the changelog to see the full list of changes.

The most exciting part about Ionic 1.3 is that we’ve upgraded from Angular 1.4 to Angular 1.5! Angular 1.5 brings several awesome features and performance improvements to Ionic.

We think developers are going to love the new Component functionality! Using Components is also a great step towards getting an app ready for Ionic 2 and Angular 2.

Ionic 1.3 is available via bower and our CDN. Next week, it’ll go live and be the default in our starters and templates. If you run into any issues, please head over to the community forum and let us know.

All of us on the Ionic team sincerely thank the Ionic community for your continued support. We’re hard at work getting Ionic 2 ready for production, and we’re doubling down our efforts on Ionic 1, so stay tuned for more information in the coming months on both frameworks. The future of the open web platform is looking very bright!

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