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Official support for CSS Shadow Parts in Ionic Framework has landed! Shadow parts make it easier to theme and customize Ionic Framework components. They replace the need for a large amount of CSS variables by adding the ability to target any CSS property on an element inside of a shadow tree. Why Shadow Parts? 🤔 […]

Today, I’m thrilled to announce Ionic Framework 5 (Magnesium)! 🎉 This release includes iOS 13 design updates, a brand new API for creating your own custom animations, revamped Ionicons, updated Ionic colors, new starter designs, improvements to component customization, and more! All of these changes are made in the core of Ionic Framework, which also […]

We are excited to announce that our first feature release after Ionic 4.0 is out now! In keeping true to using code names from the periodic table of elements, Ionic 4.1 is named Hydrogen (after the initial release of Neutronium). We have some exciting new features to share in this release, so let’s dive right […]

We are so excited to announce the release of Ionic 3.0! This version jump may worry some of you, but don’t let it! The required changes to go from 2.x.x to 3.0.x are minimal. We got you! 🙂 But… why 3.0? Remember when we said this in our Ionic 2.0.0 final blog: What’s next? Ionic […]

We’ve been hard at work at Ionic improving our support for desktop applications, one of our most requested features. The central piece of Ionic’s desktop support is an all-new responsive grid system that makes it easy to build UI that scales up from mobile through tablet and desktop displays.

We’re thrilled to announce that Ionic 2, RC 2 is now live! The Ionic team has been focused on bug fixes and build improvements in preparation for our final release. In addition to this, we’ve been working on ways we can improve both the developer and user experience. There aren’t many changes that need to […]

We’re so excited for the beta 10 release of Ionic 2! The Ionic team has been focused on bug fixes, in preparation for our release candidate. In addition to bug fixes, we’ve improved the page structure and added a new feature!

Ionic 2 Beta 8 has arrived! This release brings many bug fixes, some breaking API changes and even a few new highly requested components! We recommend reading the changelog for a full list of changes and, as always, letting us know on GitHub if you find any issues.

When our team makes changes to a component in the framework, we want to make sure those changes don’t inadvertently mess up components elsewhere. So, we built a solution for ourselves: Snapshot. Snapshot has been an incredibly valuable tool for tracking all our changes, and we wanted to share how we use it to ensure […]

We’ve just released Ionic 2 Beta 6, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you! The last few releases include a ton of new features to make your development process easier: