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The latest version of the Ionic CLI has dropped, containing some great updates. To see the full list of changes, review the changelog. Read on for update instructions and the highlights. NOTE: The Ionic CLI has a different versioning scheme than the Ionic Framework. Ionic Framework 5 doesn’t exist… yet. 🤓 Run ionic info in […]

Greetings everyone! I’m happy to announce that version 3 of the Ionic CLI is now available! Since we announced the CLI v3 Beta and our Easter Egg hunt, we’ve seen a large amount early beta testers using the CLI successfully in their Ionic projects. These testers were able to provide some great feedback, as well […]

So you’ve been hard at work building your app. You’ve been developing with ionic serve, testing with Ionic View and Lab, and now you’re ready to unleash your app on the masses. There’s just one problem…how? Today, we’re incredibly excited to provide you with a solution: Ionic Package, now in public alpha. What can Package […]