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Hello, Ionites! You may have noticed, if you tried to submit your app to the iOS App Store in the last week, that as of today, some apps have started to be rejected for “non-public API use.” This is due to the hideKeyboardAccessoryBar method of the Ionic Keyboard plugin, which uses private APIs to remove […]

Today, we’re excited to announce that Ionic View for iOS and Android are now in public beta! The alpha version has been live in the App Store for a while now, and after much updating and testing, we are confident it is ready to become a useful part of your Ionic development toolchain. We wanted […]

Hybrid development is great because you get to spend most of your time in the idyllic pastures of web technologies, and with the help of Cordova, reap many of the benefits of native with little extra effort. HTML5, CSS and JavaScript are your friends, and with all the time and money they save you, finding […]