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This is a guest post from Jorge Vegara. Check out his courses covering Ionic, PWAs, and Firebase over at Firestore is a fully managed NoSQL document-based database for mobile and web. It’s designed to store and sync app data easily. Today, we’ll go over how to manage data from an Ionic app, using Firestore.

Check out Jorge’s courses covering Ionic, PWAs, and Firebase over at Progressive Web Apps are fast becoming a major deployment target. Recent releases like the the Starbucks PWA provide validation that progressive web apps have arrived. Because Ionic is built on the web, Ionic apps can work anywhere the web runs, including as a […]

Facebook has become one of the most used methods to get users to sign-in to your application, in today’s post we’ll set up the Facebook native plugin through Ionic Native. That way we can use the Facebook app to sign-in our users, instead of having them log in through a browser. To make things easier, […]