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Today, we’re excited to announce that Ionic React is now available in beta! Take a read below to understand more about this release and how to get started building with Ionic and React. A Quick History If you are familiar with Ionic Framework, you more than likely associate it with Angular. Historically, your assumption would […]

Starting 2017-04-12 Find Our Lost Egg in Ionic’s Developer Easter Egg Hunt! We’ve placed an Easter Egg somewhere in the new Ionic v3 Beta CLI and we need your help to find it! If you are one of the 1st twenty (20) developers to use the Ionic CLI and find our lost Easter Egg and […]

If you’re developing an Ionic 2 application, then you’re probably familiar with the 2.0-beta version of our CLI, but if you are working on a v1 application, chances are, you haven’t used it yet! That’s about to change. Next week, we’re releasing CLI 2.0 and making it available to all Ionic developers. Before we do […]