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Push is growing. Quickly. When our Platform team last checked in with you, we’d sent a few hundred thousand push notifications during our alpha. Now, we’ve sent over a million! That’s a 200% increase each month! We’re getting real validation for the Ionic Platform, and the excitement among the team here at Ionic cannot be […]

Over the past two months, we’ve released open alphas of our first three Ionic platform services. In this short amount of time, we’ve seen thousands of updates to apps through Ionic Deploy, hundreds of thousands of push notifications sent to devices through Ionic Push, and millions of actions tracked in Ionic Analytics! Needless to say, […]

Push notifications are an essential part of every great app, enticing users to re-engage with the app even when they’re away from it. But they’re also really challenging to implement, and we wanted to change that. After months of rigorous testing, we’re excited to announce the open alpha of Ionic Push! Ionic Push lets you […]