One of the most highly requested components in Creator has been the Google Maps component, and I’m pleased to let everyone know it’s finally here!

The Google Maps Addon ?

Screenshot 2016-08-31 14.36.46

We take care of adding everything you need to your project to get Angular Google Maps support up and running. All of the dependencies, a custom directive, and your API key all get added automatically for you in one simple click.

The Simple Drag & Drop Component ?

Screenshot 2016-08-31 14.40.09

We’ve included a Drag & Drop component that allows you to add a Map to your project with just a few options.¬†Add the address (or plain old location name like “Madison Capital”), the zoom level, and some Google Maps options and you’re good to go!

Full Power with Code Based Maps ?

Screenshot 2016-08-31 14.42.24

We also open up the Angular Google Maps code for you to use directly through JavaScript and our HTML component. We’ve even got a one-click install for a simple code example you can start with.

Grab Google Maps with Creator Pro

Google Maps support is available with a Creator Pro account, but we’ve got your back. Our $19/month annual discount is ending tonight, so make sure to subscribe now and save $120! You’ll grab Custom Code Support, Google Maps, Creator Mobile, Package Support, and much much more.


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