Hopefully you caught our big release announcement for Ionic 1.2 last week. If not, go take a look at what made one of our biggest Ionic 1 releases in 2015.

Ionic 1.2.1 fixes a number of smaller issues in 1.2, improving stability and performance with a number of components. See the full CHANGELOG for the juicy details.

You might notice that this release codename isn’t of our classic “element-animal” variety. Frankly, we just ran out of letters after the last “z” release ?

Instead, I’m excited to dedicate this release to our great friends behind the Ionic Netherlands meetup. Additionally, some of the Ionic team members have cherished memories from PhoneGap Day EU earlier this year which took place in Amsterdam and gave us the opportunity to meet so many fans from the region, get feedback, and help them be more successful with Ionic. I know I consider it one of my absolute favorite cities and I’m eager to get back!

With this release, all templates, bower and npm, and website have been updated. Enjoy, and remember: use the force! Lightsaber

Full release notes

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