New “Your First Ionic App” tutorials for Angular and React are now available! Learn the fundamentals of Ionic app development by creating a real app step by step.

In the tutorial, you’ll create a cross-platform Photo Gallery app: take photos with your device’s camera, display them in a grid, and store them permanently on the device.

Highlights include:

  • One codebase that runs on the web, iOS, and Android using Ionic Framework UI components.
  • Deployed as a native iOS and Android mobile app using Capacitor, Ionic’s official native app runtime.
  • Photo Gallery functionality powered by the Capacitor Camera, Filesystem, and Storage APIs.
  • Improve your development speed by leveraging Live Reload to write, build, test, and deploy code. Incredibly useful for debugging native plugins on a device!

Here’s the app running on all 3 platforms:

It’s easy to get started:

🅰️ Angular: Tutorial and complete source code

⚛️ React: Tutorial and complete source code

Happy app building! 💙

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