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Let Me See, the app that won the Innovation Award at the 2016 Angular Attack hackathon, was built with Ionic 2 in 48 hours by Wassim Chegham, a Developer Advocate at SFEIR in Paris and a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies, with help from Attila Csanyi and Uri Shaked. Let Me See’s main purpose […]

Attendees of The Design Conference Brisbane got a cool bonus this year: a personal concierge in the form of an Ionic 2 app. Software developer Phillip Hartin teamed with UI designer and curator Matthew Haynes to develop the app. The app’s aim was to break the perceived barrier between the audience and the presenter, providing […]

Untappd, a popular social app to share and discover beer, allows users to rate, review, and share the beers they’re drinking with friends. “We aim to educate users about beers out there, and beers they should try based on our recommendations and taste profile,” says Greg Avola, co-founder and CTO of Untappd. “We also have […]

Tract Systems (Tract) is an enterprise-grade software solution for growing field service companies, like HVAC repair, plumbers, and contractors. Office and field users can use the web app or mobile app to track customer info, schedule work, keep inventory up to date, and collect payments. This allows them to operate more efficiently and increase revenue […]

The results of the Angular Cardboard Hackathon are in! Entries were judged in two categories: Most Engaging App and Best Technology Demonstration. The first place winner was Albert Sanchez’ Space Cardboard App, and second place went to Vlado Tešanović, for an app that featured birds flying around the static image of a slackliner.

We’re constantly excited by the creativity Ionic developers demonstrate when using Ionic for IoT projects. Ionic developer North McCormick, who started Ionic Utah, recently talked with us about two personal IoT projects he built last year, using Ionic. “I was super excited that when the time came to work on my IoT projects that I […]

The Ionic team isn’t just a bunch of software nerds–we’re a bunch of food nerds, too. Company potlucks tend to become a bit of a swagger-fest, as everyone shows off their Old Family Recipes for types of pie or brags about how they grill outside even when it’s ten degrees. So it’s no surprise that […]

It’s really exciting to us that so many developers are creating Ionic apps for The Internet of Things. This week, we wanted to feature two Ionic developers who are taking it upon themselves to do cool IoT projects with Ionic apps. Let’s take a look.

We love sharing the stories of the forward-thinking developers who are building Ionic apps for The Internet of Things (IoT). Recently, we learned about Ontario, Canada-based Giatec Scientific, a knowledge-based company whose products solve engineering problems, using cutting-edge research and technology, to help engineers manage civil infrastructure. One of their newest products, Giatec SmartRock™, transmits […]

Bitcoin has been the new hotness in currency–the first form of decentralized cryptocurrency, independent of any central authority or ownership. It’s open source, so anyone can use it and take part in supporting it. Turns out that Ionic apps play well with Bitcoin, and devs are taking note. We tracked down two awesome companies who […]

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