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I’m a strong believer that companies truly hit their stride once they know exactly who their target user is, and how that user fits into the higher purpose of the company. Recently, we’ve found and embraced ours: Ionic empowers web developers to build compelling mobile apps without having to change careers. That’s it. That’s why […]

Dear Ionites, You’ve been patient. You’ve submitted pull requests. You’ve been active on the forums. You’ve built incredible apps. You’ve presented and formed communities all over the world. You’ve supported one another and inspired us to collectively push the limits of what’s possible. Today, all that dedication and tenacity pays off… I’m incredibly excited and […]

README: Angular 2 has changed significantly since this post was written. As such, please do not use this code verbatim. Instead, focus on the concepts below and then map them to the new syntax and API of Angular 2.0.0. By now, the cat’s out of the bag on both Angular 2 and Ionic 2. We […]

Hey Ionites, After a hugely successful ngConf last week, the Ionic office is abuzz with Angular 2, and what it means for Ionic. The number one response from ngConf is that Angular is here to stay, and will only continue to dominate in the future. We are all investing in the right framework. With that […]

2014 is coming to a close, and what a year it has been! It’s hard to believe, but Ionic is only one year old. When we launched at the end of 2013, we had no clue how voracious developers’ appetites for building hybrid apps would be. We thought we’d have some early adopters trying out […]

Today, we’re thrilled to announce Ionic 1.0 Beta 14, The Last of the Betas! Beta 14 takes Ionic beyond its birth as a framework to its current state as a complete suite of solutions for hybrid mobile app development. After we released Beta 13, our team examined our tools and services and analyzed areas where […]

We just added a new feature to the Ionic CLI tool that we’re calling Ionic Lab. Ionic Lab makes it much easier to test your apps on multiple screen sizes and platform types: We want Ionic to be both a great SDK and a toolchain that gives hybrid developers a leg up on native, and […]

When we started Ionic we didn’t have much experience managing popular open source projects. So when the project started taking off, gaining 6600 stars and 90 contributors submitting hundreds of pull requests from countries all over the world in just 6 short months, we had to learn quickly how to successfully manage a growing open […]

Today I am incredibly excited to announce the very first release of ngCordova, an open-source collection of AngularJS services and extensions that make it incredibly easy to use Cordova plugins and native features in your hybrid apps. With ngCordova, instead of calling Cordova plugins directly and having to figure out the proper object or plugin […]

AngularJS is turning out to be one of the best frameworks for building mobile apps across all major platforms. One reason that Angular fits so well into the mobile developer toolbox is its features for interacting with backend web services and external data sources. Since most apps today are data-driven, it makes sense to use […]

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