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Check out Jorge’s courses covering Ionic, PWAs, and Firebase over at Progressive Web Apps are fast becoming a major deployment target. Recent releases like the the Starbucks PWA provide validation that progressive web apps have arrived. Because Ionic is built on the web, Ionic apps can work anywhere the web runs, including as a […]

million eyez is a fast-growing startup with a big mission – to reinvent visual storytelling. Their community-driven platform connects storytellers with carefully curated photo collections, sourced from a global community of contributors. Curators can use the million eyez website and mobile app to view and organize collections into Photoboxes. The mobile app also allows contributors […]

Service Workers are one of the most useful yet misunderstood APIs to come to the JavaScript world in years. They open up a whole world of functionality to the web and are an integral part of Progressive Web Apps. Service workers give the web independence from the network and allow you to decide exactly how […]

Welcome to the eighth episode of the Ionic Show! The release date for Ionic 2 is just around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited! Along with Ionic 2, Max and Ben chat about the Ionic Cloud, Ionic Native, Progressive Web Apps, code editing in Ionic Creator, a featured app, and beer. Yes, beer. […]

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