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Since launching Ionic Creator into the wild in July of 2014, over 80,000 developers have used it to rapidly prototype their Ionic apps. While we could not have been happier with the response that Creator received, we knew that there were definitely things that could be improved upon. And many of our awesome early users […]

A few days ago, everything in the mobile world changed forever, though few realize it yet. Google just announced that they’ve started indexing iOS 9 apps (joining Android apps) that support the HTTP deep link standards, allowing users to find and open app content through the standard Google search in Safari on iOS and Google […]

Welcome to the latest installment of the Ionic Bonds series, with regular updates on Ionic’s Platform Services. The latest batch of updates for the Ionic Platform have landed, and I am very excited to introduce the new web client! This new service module has a lot going for it: future-proofed ECMAScript 6 support, no dependencies, […]

The Internet of Things (IoT) is officially defined as a “global infrastructure for the information society” that connects the physical to the virtual, using information and communication technology. In other words, the IoT is a concept that essentially allows any device to connect with the Internet, and thus other devices (and people) around it. As […]

Just a few weeks ago, we released the public beta for Ionic Lab, a new tool for Ionic users who prefer graphical interfaces over command line interfaces. Today, we’re super pumped to announce that Ionic Lab for Windows has launched! Download it here. We’ve also refreshed Ionic Lab for Mac with some exciting updates.

Ionic exists to empower developers. It packs the most essential UI features into easy-to-use, lightweight, performant components that help you build your hybrid mobile app. In the course of building Ionic, we had to make decisions about what to include and what to leave out. Should we bake a custom calendar interface into Ionic? How […]

I’m a strong believer that companies truly hit their stride once they know exactly who their target user is, and how that user fits into the higher purpose of the company. Recently, we’ve found and embraced ours: Ionic empowers web developers to build compelling mobile apps without having to change careers. That’s it. That’s why […]

Today, we are releasing the public beta for Ionic Lab! Ionic Lab is the result of our first experiment with the Ionic Lab concept, combined with the Ionic CLI, which gives developers an easy way to start, build, run, and emulate Ionic apps – as well as integrate them with the Ionic Platform (more on […]

June has been a huge month for the Ionic team, with announcements of Ionic Push, Deploy, and Analytics, along with Ionic Jobs and the upcoming Ionic Market. I’m incredibly proud of and humbled by the team we have here and their ability to focus and ship like there’s no tomorrow! In the course of those […]

So you just finished the latest improvements to your app, and you’re finally ready to push out the latest update for all your users to see. You submit the latest version to the app stores, and then you do the only thing you can… You wait for the app store approval, for days…or even weeks. […]

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