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Welcome to Appflow

Appflow is a continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) platform for Ionic development teams. Appflow helps development teams continuously build and ship their Cordova and Capacitor apps faster than ever.


Get your app set up with multiple environments that automatically build new binaries for iOS and Android and provide real time updates for your users instantly every time your team commits new code.


Provide live updates and hotfixes to user devices instantly without going through the app stores.


Build native iOS and Android binaries in the cloud without the headache of maintaining your own build servers.


Automate your Deploy and Package builds to help you team ship better updates faster.

Deploy to App Stores

Publish directly to the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, directly from your cloud dashboard.

News & Updates

Learn about recent Appflow updates & announcements.

Package FAQ

Find answers to common questions about building native binaries.

Deploy FAQ

Find answers to common questions about live updates.

Billing FAQ

Find answers to common billing questions.