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ionic deploy build

Create a deploy build on Appflow

ionic deploy build [options]

This command creates a deploy build on Appflow. While the build is running, it prints the remote build log to the terminal. If the build is successful, it downloads the created web build zip file in the current directory. Downloading build artifacts can be skipped by supplying the flag skip-download.

Apart from --commit, every option can be specified using the full name setup within the Appflow Dashboard.

Customizing the build:

  • The --environment and --channel options can be used to customize the groups of values exposed to the build.


ionic deploy build ionic deploy build --environment="My Custom Environment Name"ionic deploy build --commit=2345cd3305a1cf94de34e93b73a932f25baac77cionic deploy build --channel="Master"ionic deploy build --channel="Master" --skip-downloadionic deploy build --channel="Master" --channel="My Custom Channel"




The group of environment variables exposed to your build



The channel you want to auto deploy the build to. This can be repeated multiple times if multiple channels need to be specified.



Skip downloading build artifacts after command succeeds.

Advanced Options



Commit (defaults to HEAD)