Card IO



ionic cordova plugin add install @ionic-native/card-io
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ionic enterprise register --key=YOURPRODUCTKEYnpm install @ionic-enterprise/card-io

Supported Platforms

  • Android
  • iOS


This plug-in exposes credit card scanning.

NOTE: If you would like to actually process a credit card charge, you might be interested in the PayPal Cordova Plug-in.

Requires Cordova plugin: For more info, please see the Card IO plugin docs.

Note: For use with iOS 10 + When building your app with the iOS 10 SDK +, you have to add some info to the info.plist file. This is due to increased security in iOS 10. Go to your app directory and search for the Info.plist file. Add the following lines in the main element.

<string>To scan credit cards.</string>
import { CardIO } from '@ionic-native/card-io/ngx';

constructor(private cardIO: CardIO) { }


    (res: boolean) => {
        let options = {
          requireExpiry: true,
          requireCVV: false,
          requirePostalCode: false