This Cordova plugin adds support for the OpenALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) library, which provides support for retrieving the license plate from a picture.


ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-openalprnpm install @ionic-native/openalpr
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ionic enterprise register --key=YOURPRODUCTKEYnpm install @ionic-enterprise/openalpr

Supported Platforms

  • Android
  • iOS


import { OpenALPR, OpenALPROptions, OpenALPRResult } from '@ionic-native/openalpr/ngx';

constructor(private openALPR: OpenALPR) { }

const scanOptions: OpenALPROptions = {
   country: this.openALPR.Country.EU,
   amount: 3

// To get imageData, you can use the @ionic-native/camera module for example. It works with DestinationType.FILE_URI and DATA_URL

this.openALPR.scan(imageData, scanOptions)
  .then((res: [OpenALPRResult]) => console.log(res))
  .catch((error: Error) => console.error(error));