Streaming Media


This plugin allows you to stream audio and video in a fullscreen, native player on iOS and Android.


ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-streaming-medianpm install @ionic-native/streaming-media
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ionic enterprise register --key=YOURPRODUCTKEYnpm install @ionic-enterprise/streaming-media

Supported Platforms

  • Amazon Fire OS
  • Android
  • iOS


import { StreamingMedia, StreamingVideoOptions } from '@ionic-native/streaming-media/ngx';

constructor(private streamingMedia: StreamingMedia) { }

let options: StreamingVideoOptions = {
  successCallback: () => { console.log('Video played') },
  errorCallback: (e) => { console.log('Error streaming') },
  orientation: 'landscape',
  shouldAutoClose: true,
  controls: false

this.streamingMedia.playVideo('https://path/to/video/stream', options);