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Push notification delivery with the WonderPush service.

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Requires the Cordova plugin wonderpush-cordova-sdk.

WonderPush is the most effective way to retain your users and grow your audience while remaining fully GDPR compliant.

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ionic cordova plugin add wonderpush-cordova-sdknpm install @ionic-native/wonderpush
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Supported Platforms

  • Android
  • iOS


import { WonderPush } from '@ionic-native/wonderpush';

constructor(private wonderPush: WonderPush) { }


// Subscribe user
  .then(() => console.log("User subscribed to notifications"))
  .catch((error: any) => console.error(error));

// Send an event (a purchase in this example)
this.wonderPush.sendEvent('purchase', {
  float_price: 12.99,
  string_sku: "X123456"

// Tag users (as customers)

// Personalize
1. Store user details.
2. Use those details to create segments.
3. Include those details in your notifications.
  string_name: 'John D.',
  int_age: 24

1. set REQUIRES_USER_CONSENT=true to enable GDPR compliance.
2. WonderPush doesn't start until setUserConsent(true) is called.
const onClick = (userConsent: boolean) => this.wonderPush.setUserConsent(userConsent);

// Listen to notification clicks
document.addEventListener('wonderpush.notificationOpen', function(event) {
  console.log('Notification opened', event.notification);
  if (event.notificationType === 'data') {
    console.log('Silent notification', event.notification);