Welcome to Ionic Appflow

Ionic Appflow makes it easier to generate native apps, ship real-time updates, streamline build processes, and organize workflows without the hassle.

Ionic Appflow has several core concepts that help you through the full app lifecycle, including

  • Deploy: Update your app remotely in real-time without app store delays.
  • Package: Build app binaries in the cloud for iOS and Android.
  • Automate: Automate the building, testing, and distribution of Package & Deploy to ship better updates faster.

Each one of these services is based around a simple git-based workflow that should be familiar to any app developer.

Create an Account

To get started with Ionic Appflow, first create an account.

Ionic Appflow has a free plan for development and kicking the tires, and paid plans for production app usage. Larger teams can also create Organizations to administer team members and make it easy to manage projects.

Getting Started

Once your account has been created, continue to the Installation guide to link your app to the service.