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Version: v5

Frequently Asked Questions

Which versions of Ionic Framework are supported?

Ionic Studio currently supports apps using Ionic 4 and Angular.

Ionic 3 is not supported. We encourage you to migrate to Ionic 4.

Is Capacitor supported?

Ionic Studio currently does not support Capacitor. We plan to add support soon now that Capacitor has reached 1.0.

Can I use a component in multiple pages?

Yes. In order to preserve speed, Angular only loads the components that it needs for any given page. This means that in order to use a custom component inside of a page, you must first make sure that components module is imported into your pages module.

Open up the page you'd like to use a component in, then navigate to the module tab. Take note of the import line as well as the import in ngModule. Both things are required in order to load your component on a page.

In this example, our component is called "MyCustomThing":

My Custom Thing NgModule