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Version: v7 (beta)


Manage app configuration and settings.


The Config section is for managing the common settings in config.xml such as the name and version of the app, as well as the Bundle ID (aka Package ID).

Settings -> Config


The Platforms section is for managing Cordova platforms. Use the appropriate buttons to add, remove, and update platforms.

Settings -> Platforms


The Plugins section is for managing Cordova plugins. Use the appropriate buttons to add, remove, and update plugins.

Settings -> Plugins

Installing Plugins

To install a Cordova plugin, click the Add button. The install modal will open, then click Install to confirm. If a plugin requires variables, the modal will prompt for them.

The plugins available for install comprise all Ionic Native plugins. When a plugin is installed, both the Cordova plugin and the Ionic Native wrapper are installed automatically.

It is not yet possible in Ionic Studio to install Cordova plugins other than those in Ionic Native. This feature is coming soon!

You can always install the Cordova plugin in the command line by using Project ยป Open in Terminal and following the installation docs for the Cordova plugin.

Some plugins may require variables that Ionic Studio isn't aware of. In this case, the install will fail. Try installing the plugin again with the necessary variables and let us know by [reporting the bug](/docs/v7/studio/support).

Icon & Splash Screen

The Icon & Splash Screen section is for managing app resources. When changing icons and splash screens within Ionic Studio, the appropriate sizes required for the vast collection of device sizes and types will be generated automatically.

Ionic Studio uses the Ionic CLI command ionic cordova resources to generate app resources. More information about icons and splash screens can be found in the CLI docs.

App Resources

Linking to Appflow

If your account has access to Appflow and you'd like to use it for this app, you can quickly link it with your Appflow account in this section of the settings area:

App Resources