Ionic Enterprise Edition

A trusted foundation for enterprise app development.

Ionic Enterprise Edition is the leading open source-based alternative to proprietary mobile development. Fully stable, and backed by Ionic’s world-class support and engineering teams.

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  • Go to market faster with beautiful, lightning fast apps.

    Dramatically speed up the development cycle by enabling your development team to build apps once using web components across any platform, mobile and desktop.

  • Built once, optimized everywhere. Native & web. Mobile & desktop.

    Give users the best of mobile and desktop with cross-platform apps that run and look beautiful on any platform or device—all from a single, shared codebase.

  • Future-proofed apps, backed by world-class support

    Keep the apps you build today, tomorrow, and for years ahead. Ionic helps you navigate the future at every level of the stack, from front-end UI to backend.

Everything you need.

From front to back.

Ionic Enterprise Edition is a full-stack solution, powering the mission-critical apps that keep your business running.

Security A stable, consistent core for front-end app development.
  • Active, ongoing maintenance for the latest stable version of Ionic Framework Enterprise Core.
  • Long-term support for previous versions for up to 5 years.
Reliability The native features you need, on the platforms you care about.
  • A complete ecosystem of stable, supported Cordova native plugins, tooling, and platforms.
  • Guaranteed compatibility with OS versions, devices, browsers, and tooling.
Power Powerful native add-ons, from biometric authentication to offline storage solutions.
  • Premier native experiences and integrations built and supported by Ionic, including:
    • Secure biometrics with Identity Vault
    • Offline storage with Couchbase
    • Authentication with Active Directory
Flexibility Freedom to build and deploy when and how you want.
  • Based on open web standards—no lock in.
  • Native feature support for iOS, Android, Electron, PWAs, and more.
  • Integrates with tools and frameworks you already use, from Angular to React and beyond.
Support Backed by world-class support and engineering teams.
  • A single point of contact for any questions or issues related to Ionic.
  • Self-service ticketing access portal.
  • Guaranteed next business day response SLA.
  • Access to custom Training and Advisory Services.

Peace of mind.

Support that lets you build confidently.

  • Guaranteed backwards-compatible bug fixes and critical security patches
  • Reliable, next business day response time guaranteed for critical issues
  • Option to purchase extended license for 3+ years beyond basic offering
  • Guaranteed support for major EE version for 3 years from release, with options to extend to 5
  • Options to upgrade to newer Enterprise Edition versions at any time
  • Available add-on support for custom and non-supported EE native plugins
  • Optimizations and integrations for enterprise-specific use cases and stability
  • Full documentation, tutorials, and videos for learning and training support

Unleashed native potential.

Integrations to take you further.

  • Premier Native Power

    Choose from a growing collection of Premier native plugins and capabilities, including Identity Vault, Ionic’s powerful front-end security solution for enabling secure biometrics authentication.

  • Officially Supported Integrations

    Deliver full-stack apps with Premier backend and third-party integrations that are built and supported by the Ionic team.

Exclusive education.

Custom Advisory & Training.

  • Ionic Advisory Services

    Our mobile experts become your development partner to ensure on-time app delivery, avoid technical debt, and eliminate risk. Examples include code reviews, architecture reviews, security audits, custom development solutions, and more.

  • Customized Team Training

    Our dedicated advisors are available for on-site or remote training to help your team get up-to-speed quickly on Ionic and provide our recommended best practices for building and delivering stellar mobile apps.

  • Private Slack

    Unlock realtime access to Ionic engineers and native mobile experts via a dedicated Slack channel.

  • Code Reviews

    Go line-by-line with our experts as they share coding best practices and advice.

  • Custom Training

    Give your team the skills and tools they need to be successful building apps on day one.

  • Expert Advisory

    Our mobile experts are on-hand to help your development team tackle any aspect of app development.

Why Choose Enterprise Edition?

Stability. Security. Power. Support.

  • Long-term stability & peace of mind

    Surprise releases? Breaking changes? Relax. Enjoy long-term investment protection and stability with LTS and maintenance for previous versions of Ionic Framework.

  • Complete native power & security

    Give users the most advanced on-device features, performance, and security. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that the native plugins you depend on are backed by mission-critical support and expert services.

  • Help at every level of the stack

    Get exclusive access to Ionic experts providing guidance and support at every level of the stack, from front-end UI components to backend services. We’ve got you covered.

Ionic Enterprise Edition is a complete development stack for building powerful, feature-rich apps with Ionic, backed by a world-class team of experts.

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