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Auth Connect

Add login, logout, and token refresh to any Ionic app, using a single API and the latest in native security best practices.

  • Authentication
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Why Auth Connect?

  • Integrate with any OAuth-based authentication provider — all from a single connector API.
  • Easily connect with Azure Active Directory, Auth0, AWS Cognito, and more.
  • Deliver the best possible security to safeguard users and protect sensitive data.
  • Prevent unauthorized access to username, passwords, and sensitive company data.
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing your auth workflows will remain up-to-date with the latest security best practices and platform requirements.

How Auth Connect Works

Using the OAuth and OpenID Connect authentication standards, Auth Connect provides all the infrastructure needed to set up login, logout, and token refresh in an Ionic app, along with sample configuration files for easy integration with popular auth providers that use the above standards. Auth Connect uses native System Components, rather than an embedded browser, for the best possible security and protection against data theft.

Auth Connect is built and supported by the Ionic team, including ongoing maintenance, security patches, and new pre-built integrations with popular auth providers.

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