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New Relic

New Relic helps you understand your company’s modern software environment and make better decisions for your business.

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Why New Relic?

  • Simple: No hardware to buy, no system to maintain, and seamless product updates to scale dynamically as your business needs grow.
  • Powerful: Think of New Relic’s analytics engine as a clever member of your team working tirelessly to reveal truths about every part of your software nearly instantaneously—from the performance of your applications to the experiences of your customers and how it all impacts the bottom line.
  • Secure: New Relic makes it possible to trust the cloud with your business data. Our security program—people, process, and privacy—is designed to protect your sensitive information.

How New Relic Works

No matter what kind of business you have, your website is your business. When you leverage New Relic, you can: Manage your application's performance, identify and troubleshoot bottlenecks, analyze data about customers' usage and experience, get alert notifications about problems before they affect your customers, monitor your technical resources and ecosystem, and so much more.

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