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Rollbar is a comprehensive solution for web and mobile apps and helps effectively track bugs and issues.

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Why Rollbar?

  • Real-time visibility: See real-time feed and get instant alerts to be aware of errors as they appear. Use fingerprinting to improve signal-to-noise ratio, so you won't miss what matters.
  • Proactive triaging: Assign owners to errors, or create a ticket in your issue tracking tool based on priority. When the error is resolved in Rollbar, the ticket is automatically resolved.
  • Root cause analysis: Get stack trace and all the data you need to debug, including request params, local var values, browsers, IPs, and more. Use Telemetry feature to retrace browser events leading up to an error.
  • Strong Security: Protect your data with encryption at rest. Secure access to the application, manage and provision users, and enable data scrubbing for privacy and compliance.

How Rollbar Works

Rollbar is a solution for web and mobile apps that helps effectively track bugs and issues with availability in multiple languages making it easier for coders around the globe to track and monitor errors before users report them. Instrument your code, monitor in real-time, and debug errors as quickly as they appear.

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