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Ionic Native Enterprise Edition

Ionic Native Enterprise Edition (EE) is a subscription service that provides premium, supported Capacitor and Cordova plugins, third-party integrations, and pre-built solutions for teams building enterprise-grade apps with Ionic.

Native Solutions

Complete native solutions for single sign-on, biometrics, and secure offline storage.

Premier Plugins

Premier plugin features like camera, geolocation, keyboard access, contacts, calendar, and more.

3rd Party Integrations

Connect to third-party services and cloud providers like Firebase, AWS, and Apple Payment Pass.

Identity Vault

Protect your users and data with multi-layer native security and biometric authentication.

Auth Connect

Add single sign-on using a single API and the latest in native security best practices.

Offline Storage

Store and access data locally on a mobile or desktop device, even when users are offline.


Take photos, capture video and choose images from the device's image library.


Configure keyboard behavior (show/hide) and display (sizing/visibility).


Manage mobile device calendar events.


Access to read, write, or select device contacts.


Device location information, including latitude and longitude.


Common file operations such as read/write and directory access.