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Community vs. Enterprise

Community Plugins are a collection of open source Cordova plugins that make it easy to add native functionality to any Ionic app. They are submitted and maintained by the Ionic community. While community members are generally quick to find and fix issues, certain plugins may not function properly.

For teams that require dedicated native plugin support & SLAs, ongoing maintenance, and security patches, there's Ionic Enterprise.

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Why Ionic Enterprise?

Take on mobile projects with peace of mind, knowing the native features, security, and performance you need will just work - now and in the future.

For teams building mission-critical apps, Ionic Enterprise is a curated collection of plugins and solutions that are built and supported by Ionic, with stability assurances and guaranteed to work on all major platforms and versions.

Community Plugins
Enterprise Plugins
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Maintainer OSS Community Ionic
Regular Release Cycles & Updates No
Support SLA & Ticketing System No
Advisory & Support No
Security & Bug fixes OSS Community
Implementation Guidance No
Guaranteed SLA No
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Accelerate your app development with powerful solutions to common enterprise use cases. Ionic’s growing library are ready to deploy into any of the apps you build.

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