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App Center Analytics

App Center Analytics helps you understand user behavior and customer engagement to improve your app. The SDK automatically captures session count and device properties like model, OS version, etc. You can define your own custom events to measure things that matter to you. All the information captured is available in the App Center portal for you to analyze the data.

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ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-appcenter-analyticsnpm install @ionic-native/app-center-analyticsnpm install cordova-plugin-appcenter-analyticsnpm install @ionic-native/app-center-analyticsionic cap sync
Ionic Native Enterprise はIonic Teamが完全にサポートしメンテナンスしているプラグインを利用できます。 詳しくみる か、エンタープライズプラグインに興味があれば 連絡ください


  • Android
  • iOS


Using React?

See here.

import { AppCenterAnalytics } from '@ionic-native/app-center-analytics/ngx';

constructor(private appCenterAnalytics: AppCenterAnalytics) { }


this.appCenterAnalytics.setEnabled(true).then(() => {
   this.appCenterAnalytics.trackEvent('My Event', { TEST: 'HELLO_WORLD' }).then(() => {
       console.log('Custom event tracked');