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Mobile Messaging

Mobile Messaging SDK is designed and developed to easily enable push notification channel in your mobile application. In almost no time of implementation you get push notification in your application and access to the features of Infobip IP Messaging Platform. This document describes library integration steps for your Cordova project.

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ionic cordova plugin add com-infobip-plugins-mobilemessagingnpm install @ionic-native/mobile-messagingnpm install com-infobip-plugins-mobilemessagingnpm install @ionic-native/mobile-messagingionic cap sync
Ionic Native Enterprise はIonic Teamが完全にサポートしメンテナンスしているプラグインを利用できます。 詳しくみる か、エンタープライズプラグインに興味があれば 連絡ください


  • Android
  • iOS


Using React?

See here.

import { MobileMessaging } from '@ionic-native/mobile-messaging/ngx';

constructor(private mobileMessaging: MobileMessaging) { }


   applicationCode: '<your_application_code>',
   geofencingEnabled: '<true/false>',
   defaultMessageStorage: '<true/false>',
   ios: {
     notificationTypes: ['alert', 'badge', 'sound']
   android: {
     notificationIcon: <String; a resource name for a status bar icon (without extension), located in '/platforms/android/app/src/main/res/mipmap'>,
     multipleNotifications: <Boolean; set to 'true' to enable multiple notifications>,
     notificationAccentColor: <String; set to hex color value in format '#RRGGBB' or '#AARRGGBB'>
    }}, (err) => {

 this.mobileMessaging.register('messageReceived').subscribe((message: Message) => {