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The NFC plugin allows you to read and write NFC tags. You can also beam to, and receive from, other NFC enabled devices.

Use to

  • read data from NFC tags
  • write data to NFC tags
  • send data to other NFC enabled devices
  • receive data from NFC devices

This plugin uses NDEF (NFC Data Exchange Format) for maximum compatibilty between NFC devices, tag types, and operating systems.



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ionic cordova plugin add phonegap-nfcnpm install @ionic-native/nfcnpm install phonegap-nfcnpm install @ionic-native/nfcionic cap sync
Ionic Native Enterprise はIonic Teamが完全にサポートしメンテナンスしているプラグインを利用できます。 詳しくみる か、 エンタープライズプラグインに興味があれば 連絡ください


  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows



See here.


import { NFC, Ndef } from '@ionic-native/nfc/ngx';

constructor(private nfc: NFC, private ndef: Ndef) { }


// Read NFC Tag - Android
// Once the reader mode is enabled, any tags that are scanned are sent to the subscriber
 let flags = this.nfc.FLAG_READER_NFC_A | this.nfc.FLAG_READER_NFC_V;
 this.readerMode$ = this.nfc.readerMode(flags).subscribe(
     tag => console.log(JSON.stringify(tag)),
     err => console.log('Error reading tag', err)

// Read NFC Tag - iOS
// On iOS, a NFC reader session takes control from your app while scanning tags then returns a tag
try {
    let tag = await this.nfc.scanNdef();
 } catch (err) {
     console.log('Error reading tag', err);

For more details on NFC tag operations see