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Platform Utils


The isPlatform method can be used to test if your app is running on a certain platform:

import { isPlatform } from '@ionic/react';

isPlatform('ios'); // returns true when running on a iOS device

Depending on the platform the user is on, isPlatform(platformName) will return true or false. Note that the same app can return true for more than one platform name. For example, an app running from an iPad would return true for the platform names: mobile, ios, ipad, and tablet. Additionally, if the app was running from Cordova then cordova would be true.


The getPlatforms method can be used to determine which platforms your app is currently running on.

import { getPlatforms } from '@ionic/react';

getPlatforms(); // returns ["iphone", "ios", "mobile", "mobileweb"] from an iPhone

Depending on what device you are on, getPlatforms can return multiple values. Each possible value is a hierarchy of platforms. For example, on an iPhone, it would return mobile, ios, and iphone.