Live app updates, in realtime.

Push hot code updates, content changes, A/B tests, and bug fixes in realtime before and after your app is in the App Stores.

Skip the line.
Push changes as soon as they’re ready.

Deploy enables you and your team to send live code changes directly to your users, when you’re ready, without waiting in line for App Store reviews and approvals.

  • Live updates

    Push live app updates directly to users and testers in realtime. No approvals, no delays.

  • Automatic updating

    Keep users on the latest version, with updates that works seamlessly in the background.

  • Split testing

    Run A/B tests and target the distribution of new changes using multiple update channels.

  • App store compliant

    Safely update your Ionic apps while staying compliant with Apple and Android requirements.

Push live code changes.
Outside the App Stores.

Deploy allows you to send live app updates and code changes directly to users and testers, without going through the App Stores. Changes to JavaScript, HTML, and CSS files are included in the service, and fully compliant with Apple and Android requirements.

Keep users on the latest versions.

Ionic apps use Deploy to check for the latest updates and automatically upgrade to newer versions. The service works seamlessly in the background. Unless there’s a change to the native code, no user action is required to keep your apps updated.

Run live A/B tests.
Limit who sees what.

With Deploy, you can set up multiple deployment channels to send targeted updates to specific groups of users. Use it to run A/B tests, or target the distribution of updates by audience, geography, or test group.

Start pushing hot code updates live into production.

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