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Whether you work for a small business or a large company, Ionic Pro helps you tap the power of your team to deliver incredible app experiences, faster than ever before.

Teams at Comcast, IBM, and Shipt are using Ionic Pro

Get there faster. Build, test, and release apps at the speed of development.

Always be shipping with continuous integration that automatically builds and prepares a new version of your app each time a team member pushes code to Pro. Live Updates allow you to skip the app stores and send new features directly to users, as soon as they’re ready.

Delight your users. Continuous feedback for the best app experience.

Increase customer engagement by delivering the right features, at the right time, with fewer bugs. Easy app sharing and testing provides realtime feedback. Continuous error monitoring helps you improve app quality by catching bugs and UX issues before your users do.

Work better, together. Secure collaboration for all.

From our team to yours. We built Pro to make it easier for startups and enterprises to build amazing products by tapping into the power of teams. Multiple developers can work at the same time, with app-level permissions to safeguard access and live activity feeds for teamwide visibility.

Build, test, deploy, and monitor. All in one place.

Pro simplifies each phase of the dev lifecycle - from design and testing, to tracking errors, packaging native binaries, and shipping hot code updates remotely.

  • App sharing and testing

    Easy app sharing with testers and collaborators. Send an invite to check out your app, and see all feedback in one place.

  • Continuous Integration

    Test, share, and ship code as soon as it’s ready. Ensures a clean, consistent build environment every time, with no local dependencies.

  • Team activity feed

    Keep team members informed of version changes and deployments. Version history, builds, and live deploys are tracked in the Pro dashboard for teamwide project visibility.

  • Secure team collaboration

    Accelerate time to market by tapping into the power of teams. Invite unlimited team members to join a project. Safeguard access with app-level permissions.

  • App binaries from the cloud

    When you’re ready to distribute your app, Pro will package your app and create native APK and IPA binaries based on the version you select.

  • Deployment channels

    Gives you granular control over app updates and releases. Target specific segments of your users or run split tests to see how users respond to different versions.

  • Continuous delivery

    Skip the app stores by pushing versions of your app directly to users, in realtime. Continuously deliver new and better experiences without waiting for approval.

  • Error monitoring and tracking

    Helps you find and fix errors in your source code detected at runtime. You’ll be notified immediately as opposed to waiting for user reports when things go wrong.

  • Rapid design and development

    Visual app builder accelerates development and makes it easy to collaborate on designs and prototypes with key clients and stakeholders.

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“Ionic Pro has been a big advantage for us. Our clients have very demanding workloads with tight timelines to make app updates. Live Updating allows us to test changes and push them directly to users, without waiting for the app stores. That’s huge for us.”

Mike Sigle VP of Product Development

“Ionic Pro makes it easy for our team to collaborate. With it’s ability to package cloud app builds and then prepare them for release, everyone is able to work together. If a client needs a new build, anyone on the team can go to the dashboard to create one easily.”

Brett Whittington Senior Consultant

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