Mobile testing, the easy way.

Ionic View will be sunsetting on September 1, 2018.
More info is available here.

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Simply choose an app, and share.

View lets you and others easily preview and test Ionic apps as though they were deployed natively. Choose the app and version you want to share, and start testing.

  • External testers & groups

    Invite anyone to provide feedback on your app. Segment audiences by group or department.

  • Native app behavior

    Easily preview and test your Ionic apps as though they were actually deployed natively.

Invite testers by email.

View makes it easy to share versions of your app with anyone in world, with a simple email invite. Choose a test group or invite new testers to preview your app and provide feedback. Add as many testers as you like, without the complicated beta provisioning or ever going through the App Stores.

Choose who sees what.

Segment your audiences by team, client, or department, and then choose which version of your app you want them to see. Get feedback on new features from the Marketing team, while testing bug fixes with QA.

Gather and analyze feedback.

Testers can capture screenshots and provide feedback directly within the the View App. The Ionic dashboard allows you to centrally manage and analyze incoming comments to look for trends and insights, and help prioritize changes.

Share the full app experience.

Unlike browser-based testing, View gives testers a complete app experience, with full support for native plugins and functionality. View works on all supported iOS and Android devices, allowing you to test new features and functionality across platforms.

Start testing your apps the easy way.

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