Customer Interviews: Danya at CGI

Customer Interviews is an ongoing series of conversations with Ionic Enterprise customers, showcasing diverse perspectives and highlighting each customer's unique pathways and accomplishments. 

Danya’s Story

Danya Samuel is the Lead Application Developer at CGI Federal, a development and consulting firm specializing in federal and local / regional government software development and implementation. 

Danya recently wrapped up a project for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services all built with Ionic. She has a strong background in many programming languages and believes that once you understand the basics you can learn anything.

In September of 2019, Danya sat down with Roelf Kuitse, VP of Customer Success at Ionic, to chat about her background and career journey.


Why Ionic

I was tasked about a year ago to find candidates for a mobile application development platform and Ionic was one of the solutions that we were comparing to others.  Given the timeline that we had to meet (we were required to launch the app on the app store within two months) Ionic was the obvious choice because of its focus on the web technology stack (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). 

The team was already a team of web developers so it was easy to learn, easy to code, and made it easy to meet our deadline. 

Experience with Ionic Advisory

The team was extremely responsive and ensured we could manage any issues that we ran into with efficiency and limited negative impact on the timeline. 

Tools of the Trade

We are mainly a web development shop so we have a lot of .net and centric tools. Ionic is then our go-to platform to move what we have as a website to mobile devices.

Top Trend: Artificial Intelligence

At CGI we typically focus on federal and government agency contracts which means that things move relatively slow in comparison to the consumer market.  These agencies are just now entering the mobile app space and are starting to look at things like AI and usage of public API’s. The primary purpose is to reach more people with less human labor overhead. 

Why Software Development

I had an uncle that worked at Oracle and he introduced me to programming. I was intrigued by how you could create something that made a process or problem easier in order to set yourself up for the future.  I also realized the opportunity there was going to be from a career perspective so I continued to pursue it. 

In college I earned a degree in electrical engineering because that was also an interest of mine and I wanted to have a backup but once I graduated. The first job I was hired for was at a software company as a software engineer. From there I stuck with it. And frankly, I barely remember what I learned in my electrical engineering studies. 

Biggest Accomplishment

Honestly, almost all of them! I mean, most of the projects I have been a part of have been focused on migrating something from an old tech stack to a new tech stack and those types of innovations are always exciting for me. With that said, I think that so far, building a mobile app with Ionic has been the coolest project of late. It really ignited some past interest of mine to do more with mobile.

Favorite Part of the Job

I would say it's the constant flow of challenges that need to be overcome. I really enjoy being presented with a new challenge and then learning new things as I solve those challenges. 

Sage Advice

I have a teenager that I have been trying to teach to code and the advice that I give her or anyone that is just starting out is to just learn something.  You don’t have to pick the one language that you will program in for the rest of your life. Just pick something and learn the basics, from there you can learn anything no matter the syntax. 

Obstacles to Becoming a Great Developer

Most of it is self motivation. In order to be a good programmer and to be valuable to organizations you have to have that self motivation that pushes you to continuously learn. You can’t be taught everything you need, you have to be willing to learn along the way. 


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