Customer Interviews: Seth at K12

Customer Interviews is an ongoing series of conversations with Ionic Enterprise customers, showcasing diverse perspectives and highlighting each customer's unique pathways and accomplishments. 

Seth's Story

Seth Lemmons is the Sr. Front End Developer for Modus Create, Inc and is currently working with K12 to create dynamic and end to end virtual education services for those students and families that choose home education. 

Seth has been a front end developer for 8 years and loves the implementation of both code and creativity to create engaging and solution based applications. 

In July of 2019, Seth sat down with Roelf Kuitse, VP of Customer Success at Ionic, to chat about his background and career journey.


Work at K12

Right now I am working with K12 on the front end for their Angular/Ionic mobile app.  This is my first venture into mobile application development, which is exciting and frightening at the same time.  I have always loved the front end design aspects of applications and I am looking forward to extending that to mobile devices with Ionic.

Experience with Ionic Advisory

The team has been great!  The response times are fast and everyone I have worked with has known the answers I needed.  I love being able to just chat with the team via Slack.

Tools of the Trade

I moved from VBA in Excel to writing JavaScript in notepad. From there I went to Notepad++ to Eclipse to Brackets to Sublime and finally to VS Code. Really nowadays it is all VS Code and Chrome Dev tools.

Top Trend: Community Sourced

When I started it was hard to put faith in anything made by an unknown community member.  Everything had to be well vetted. Now it is all about the community and if something has community support it is good enough for an enterprise solution. It just seems like it is more acceptable to borrow from the community rather than having to build everything from scratch. 

Why Software Development

I had friends in high school that would program their scientific calculators and I thought that was so wild! I remember wishing that I was smart enough to do something like that too.  

It wasn’t until I was in a job where I had a problem that no one else was going to solve that I had to force myself to dig in and learn what was going to take to solve the problem. 

I started by building the solution in Excel with VBA. After that initial project I found that I really enjoyed creating these kinds of solutions that helped make others' lives easier. The more that people found value in what I was doing, the more people would ask me to help them on other projects and that really set me on the path to becoming a developer.

Favorite Part of the Job

I think the thing that I like the most about it is the creative aspect of development. Being in development is like doing a puzzle but you have to build the puzzle pieces first. There is a lot of creative delight that I didn’t realize was there until I got into it and I think a lot of other people fail to see how creative development can be.

Project You’re Most Proud Of

Probably the first web based tool that I created.  We had a process that would take 90 plus seconds to diagnose and when you have tons of calls coming into the call center, each taking 90 seconds, it adds up.  The utility I wrote with JavaScript took the whole process down to only 1 or 2 seconds which positively impacted the business. And that felt really good!

Sage Advice

You don’t have to be the very best developer to dive in and enjoy being a developer. You can still add a lot of value and enjoy your job even if you are not the best.  There is a lot of gray area between “I don’t know what I am doing” and “I am an expert”. It is ok to not know everything. Don’t ever think that you are “not good enough” all you have to do is just try and build stuff. Don’t worry about being the best just do your best.


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