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Building iOS and Android binaries with Ionic Package

On Demand  |  Speaker: Matt Kremer

Building iOS and Android binaries with Ionic Package

See how Ionic Pro helps you build better apps, faster. 

Ionic Package enables you to build Android and iOS binaries in the cloud, and on a clean machine for every build. This guarantees you will always have a binary that uses exactly the dependencies defined in your project, instead of the potentially inconsistent state of your local machine.

Join Matt Kremer to learn how to generate binaries to put on your phone.

We’ll cover everything from start to finish:

  • The differences between signing types
  • Generating a signing certificate for iOS
  • Generating a provisioning profile for your iOS device
  • Upload those to Ionic Package
  • Use them to package a Binary to put on your iOS Device
  • Package a Debug Binary for your Android Device
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