Ionic Webinar

How SWORKIT is driving growth with PWAs and Ionic

On Demand  |  Speaker: Ryan Hanna

Join the SWORKIT team to learn about how they increase growth & adoption with Ionic.

SWORKIT is one of the top ranked fitness apps in the app stores, and has used Ionic to fuel their development strategy since day 1. They will share their experiences using Ionic and how the evolution of the framework has helped them evolve their app and support their continued growth. They will also be talking about their new PWA built with the Ionic PWA Toolkit!

They'll cover everything from start to finish:

  • Why did SWORKIT choose Ionic?
  • What are some of the biggest benefits SWORKIT has gotten from building with Ionic?
  • What was SWORKIT built with before Ionic
  • Why build a PWA?
  • How SWORKIT has liked using the Ionic PWA Toolkit?
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