Ionic Webinar

Ionic Native: Native-powered apps, without the hassle

On Demand  |  Speakers: Matt Netkow, Matt Kremer

Native functionality used to be the most challenging part of hybrid app development. Not anymore.

Join us for a live walkthrough of Ionic Native, a curated library of over 250 Community and Premier native solutions and plugins, delivering everything you need to build amazing cross-platform experiences from Day One.

Join Matt Netkow, Head of DevRel, and Matt Kremer, Director of Product Management, as they cover:

  • The challenges of native app development today, including the native skill gap, “free” open-source solutions, and keeping up with the changing technology landscape
  • Accessing any native device feature using your existing JavaScript skills - no native knowledge required!
  • How to add traditionally complex & time-consuming solutions to your app in minutes, including single sign-on and secure offline storage 
  • A live demo showing how to build an encrypted image storage app in ~100 lines of code, using our native solutions
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