Ionic Webinar

Tackling Continuous Delivery with Appflow

On Demand  |  Speaker: Nick Hyatt

Full-featured demo on how to use Appflow

Most enterprise teams ship code less than four times a year, while the average Appflow user is shipping live app updates 3-4 times per month. Ready to find out why?

Join Nick Hyatt as he leads a demo to explain how developers and teams can leverage Ionic Appflow, our updated mobile DevOps solution, to fully automate their development workflow and go from idea to production faster and more easily.

Attend the broadcast to learn:

  • The importance of continuous integration, continuous delivery (CI/CD) as part of your app dev activities & team philosophy
  • How Appflow can help streamline & automate key phases of the development lifecycle
  • Plus, a full-featured demo on how to use Appflow
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