It's time we talked about the elephant in the room.

Low-code products have been built the same way for almost 15 years. While they are great for businesses to accelerate the development of simple apps, they quickly begin to fall apart as those apps get adopted.

They say "Pro Dev Friendly," "No Limits," and "Never Hit a Wall."

The elephant? We all know that's not true.

I've been to business, low-code, and analyst conferences. I've been on hundreds of phone calls with users, and when talking with people who have already adopted low-code, all of them were disappointed.

It seems no one was actually fighting for the low-code users. Instead,Low-code vendors have just perfected the art of selling an unattainable dream, selling the benefits to business leaders but short-changing the actual development teams and treating them as secondary.


At Ionic, we've been an open source, pro-developer company for over 7 years now. We always fight for the developer AND the company to provide better apps that enable them to accomplish their goals.

So while we've already helped thousands and thousands of companies build full-code apps, combined with our history of building drag-and-drop tools, we thought "Why not us?"

Why couldn't WE fight for low-code users and developers

So what would it look like?

A platform fully based on open source technology, Ionic provides a robust set of components meticulously crafted for performance and usability, easy connections to your data, empowerment of the developers to truly program anything.

"Yah, yah, but why should I believe you instead of those other guys? They're Pro Dev friendly!"

One reason.

We acknowledge that you'll always need to build something special for an app, there will always be that "one thing" that your users need that the low-code platform doesn't provide. So instead of trying to hide that, we embrace it.

Everything our platform provides works on the code as the source-of-truth. What does that mean?

It means you can pop open the hood, and edit any code you'd like, and the Low-code tooling will continue to work!

So go ahead, start with low-code. Connect to all of your data, rip it open, and have your pro devs program that one amazing feature that makes your app truly impact the business, using technology they already know and love (there are millions of devs familiar with our tech already).

Simply put: code matters.

We believe you should adopt low-code to move faster, but you should also have an amazing developer experience to go along with it.

Are you with me?
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Welcome to the Ionic X family.

Matt Kremer, Director of Product