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Ionic Native Enterprise Edition


Accelerate development with powerful solutions to common enterprise use cases - all built and supported by the Ionic team. Ionic’s growing library of solutions are ready to deploy in any of the apps you build with Native Enterprise Edition

Ionic Native Enterprise Edition includes a reliable set of Native APIs & functionality that you can use in your Ionic app, quality controlled and maintained by the Ionic Team.

What is Ionic Native Enterprise Edition

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Enterprise Edition
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In order to use the Ionic Native Enterprise Edition plugins you need to install the Ionic Enterprise Cordova CLI. Ionic Native Enterprise Edition plugins use scoped packages and the regular Cordova CLI does not work with scoped packages.

npm uninstall -g cordova npm install -g @ionic-enterprise/cordova

The Ionic Enterprise Cordova CLI should be installed on each developer's machine. This is also true for any development build servers that you may use.

Register Your Product Key

In order to use the Ionic Native Enterprise Edition plugins in your application you will need to register your key with the application. Each application that you create will need to have its own key.

Register the product key for your application using the Ionic CLI. Follow the provided prompts. This only needs to be run once per application.

# in your app root ionic enterprise register

Running the register command will generate a .npmrc file in you app directory and update your ionic.config.json. Both of these changes should be committed to version control so that CI and other team members can restore the plugins from a fresh clone of the repo. Now you are able to install Ionic Enterprise plugins that you have access to by following the instructions on the plugin docs page.

ionic cordova plugin add @ionic-enterprise/plugin-name


Authentication & Security

Common Device Features

Integrated Services

Offline & Storage